Are Sedans On Their Way Out the Door?

Are Sedans On Their Way Out the Door?

For as long as car enthusiasts can remember, sedans were the go-to vehicle for families. Now because of changes taking place in the car industry, some people are starting to wonder what’s to become of the sedan class. With more and more people buying crossovers and compacts in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, are sedans on their way out the door?

Part of what contributes to this trend is a new-found concern for fuel economy. For many sedans, the larger they are, the less efficient they will be, which tends to turn off potential car buyers. With an already substantial amount of money invested in a vehicle, the last thing most people want is to be constantly filling up the gas tank, which is why more and more car customers are turning to smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.

It also appears that small crossover models are continuing to become more popular with consumers, which is forcing automakers to expand their vehicle lineups. The trend is such that buyers across the globe are looking at crossovers as mainstream vehicles, much like sedans were looked at back in the day. Now instead of buying a sedan for the family, you’re seeing more SUVs and crossovers being purchased.

According to forecasts by IHS Automotive, it is being predicted that one in five vehicles sold globally in 2018 will be SUVs or crossover models. Over the last few years, sales of sport utility models and crossovers have seen strong increases. In North America alone, sales of these models rose 10% from a year ago when 2.2 million small crossover vehicles were sold, which is an increase of 16%.

At this point in time, it’s almost as if consumers have shifted their focus toward more fuel efficient crossover models. If the trend continues, auto manufacturers will have no choice but to produce more and more of these vehicles, meaning they’ll have to cut production on others, which could mean phasing out larger sedans. But until that happens, we’ll have to keep an eye on the sedan class of vehicles.

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