Artists Turn Dirty Vehicles Into Beautiful Works of Art

Artists Turn Dirty Vehicles Into Beautiful Works of Art

Many drivers that have neglected washing their vehicles have found the words “wash me” written in the dirt by a mysterious author. Not many can say that they have had their dirty vehicles turned into a work of art, however. Rafael Veyisov, a parking attendant in Baku, Azerbaijan has been doing just that for a decade.

Veyisov works on one of the busiest streets in that country’s capital. When he encounters a dirty car, he uses just the dust and his fingers to slowly sketch city skylines as well as flying birds. Many of his drawings are created to educate people about other countries and feature real places, while others are original works.

Those that are impressed by Veyisov’s abilities often leave their vehicles in his care when they are in need of a wash so that he will have an excuse to show off his talents. Veyisov is not the only artist gaining notoriety for this type of artwork.  Scott Wade of San Marcos, Texas also dazzles drivers with his dusty designs.

For Wade, a typical work of art on a dusty rear windshield takes anywhere between two and four hours to complete. In addition to using his fingers and the dirt and debris already found on the vehicle, Wade also uses paintbrushes and Popsicle sticks to finish his creations.

Wade not only sketches his own designs, but also recreates many famous works including da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Some of his other sketches include families, animals, cartoon characters, and national landmarks like Mount Rushmore. He is considered a green artist or “earth artist” because he works with temporary mediums. These mediums like dirt and dust have no negative environmental impact.

Other than surprising drivers with his remarkable skill, Wade is also putting his talents to good use. He recently teamed up with Element Six Media, which is a company that focuses on sustainable alternatives to conventional advertising. So, if you happen to be on the road and see and advertisement drawn on a dirty car, there is a chance that you are looking at Wade’s work.

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