A Look at Luxury Auto Accessories

A Look at Luxury Auto Accessories

Luxury Auto Accessories is a company based in Hyannis, MA. They’re an aftermarket part supplier focusing on the premium side of things. This is a place where you can go to refurbish an old car or get the luxury experience without having to pay top dollar. They offer everything from parking sensors to high-end seats.

Here’s a look at some of what they can do for you:

  • Leather Interior: Most cars come standard with uncomfortable cloth or even plastic-based seats. Leather looks sharp and offers more comfort. Luxury Auto Accessories has many seating choices from the likes of Roadwire, Pecca, and Katzkin. You can choose from different shades and even patterns.
  • Wood Trim: Besides leather, adding wood (either real or simulated) trim to your car will add a dash of class. They can get rid of all the junky plastic in your car and make it look refined.
  • Seat Heaters: This is a feature found in many luxury cars that many drivers now view as a necessity. During those cold winter months, you simply select the temperature you want via a digital control and the seat heats right up.
  • Park Pilot: Especially handy in SUVs or longer cars, Park Pilot is a parking sensor system that uses SONAR, similar to a submarine. When you get close to an object, the Park Pilot will begin to beep. This will help you avoid parking lot obstacles and protect your car’s paint job.
  • Video Monitors: Many luxury cars today feature monitors in the backseat linked to a DVD system. This is a great way to keep the kids, and adults, entertained on long car trips. There are different mounting options such as overhead or on the back of the front seats.
  • Side Molding and Spoilers: The group also specializes in some customization work. They can mold or add fiberglass side panels and install lip and rear spoilers that will give your car a sporty edge.

Contacting Luxury Auto Accessories

Luxury Auto Accessories is located at 195 Ridgewood Avenue in Unit E in Hyannis. You can contact them by calling (508) 771-8201or via email at LuxuryAuto@comcast.net.

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