New Volkswagen Flagship Vehicle to be an Electric Luxury Car

vw-phaetonA flagship vehicle is essential to an automaker’s lineup. With cutting-edge luxury and tech features, it represents the company’s vision for what a car should be—not only where cars can go in the future, but what they can do now, today.

With that in mind, Volkswagen is certainly wise to introduce the Phaeton as their newest flagship sedan. As a battery-powered luxury car, the Phaeton will—as a flagship vehicle should—show drivers worldwide what Volkswagen stands for.

A Flagship Car for the Future and Today

The Volkswagen board of management recently announced the Phaeton as part of a rebranding mission. Redefined for a new age of automobiles, the new flagship Volkswagen Phaeton will be a “pure” electric car that will feature, according to the German automaker, “long-distance capability, connectivity, and next-generation assistance systems as well as an emotional design.”

Though not currently sold in North America, the Phaeton began production in 2002. Having undergone two face-lifts, it has, over the years, taken up some of the most forward-thinking features available, including radar-based adaptive cruise control, four-zone climate control, and adaptive air suspension. These aspects of the Phaeton made it a hit in, notably, China.

Instead of the Phaeton, Volkswagen offers the Audi A8 in North America. Though spacious and luxurious, the A8 does not yet express the Volkswagen commitment to fuel economy and eco-conscious technology. The new flagship Phaeton, however, will.

Other Volkswagen Tidbits

After the same board meeting, Volkswagen announced that it would cut 1 billion euro of line items from its budget, letting it focus on providing high quality at affordable prices. More generally, it also stressed its commitment to eco-conscious cars, from plug-in hybrids to electric cars like the Phaeton.

With more eco-friendly cars like the Phaeton, Volkswagen will truly be prepared to help solve the problems of the modern world—and to produce fun-to-drive cars in the bargain!

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