What’s the Best Convertible Car?

What’s the Best Convertible Car?

Whenever we start talking about “best” cars, we head into dangerous territory, but we think you deserve to know what the team at Simply Automotive thinks is the best convertible car. Of course, we couldn’t choose just one for you; we have a quick look at 8 of our favorites.

Our Top 8 Convertibles

  1. BMW 3 Series: There are few cars that compete like a BMW 3 Series, and all it takes to make it even more appealing is to transform the sedan into a convertible. Its coupe-like design remains intact, and recent models have enjoyed powertrains with as much as 300 hp.
  2. Jeep Wrangler: Okay, it’s technically not a “car” but rather an SUV, but how could we leave off the world’s most famous off-road adventurer? The Wrangler speaks for itself, and feeling the wind in your hair as you’re cruising behind the wheel of this Jeep is unlike anything we’ve experienced.
  3. Honda S2000: The thing about most sports cars is that drivers expect a certain amount of maintenance work, but the Honda S2000 is a rarity: it’s as dependable as it is fun to drive. It’s tough to thing of a better selling point for a used convertible than a trouble-free ownership, and its available 240-hp four-cylinder engine is icing on the cake.
  4. Ford Mustang GT Convertible: We’re not sure whose idea it was to drop the top on a Mustang for the first time, but we’re glad they extended that top-down feel to the high-power Ford Mustang GT, with 5.0L V8 engine options cranking out well over 300 horses and delivering one of the most enjoyable rides of any convertible on the market.
  5. Mercedes-Benz SL Class: If you couldn’t afford a new Benz, you’re not alone, but these cars’ prices drop like rocks when they hit the used market. Imagine a 6.0L 12-cylinder engine with 510 hp and the top down. The SL Class features a retractible or removable hardtop, and you owe it to yourself to see how easily this elegant beast fits into your budget as a used convertible.
  6. Porsche Boxster: While the Boxster can be a bit of a gamble due to some issues in models produced before 2009, there’s no arguing with their sense of style, especially when it’s powered by a 310 hp 3.4L six-cylinder engine.
  7. Toyota Camry Solara: The Solara was discontinued in 2008, but it still remains one of the most practical convertibles in the used car market. Toyota dependability combined with a powerful 210-hp 3.3L V6 engine is a one-two punch that makes this convertible tough to argue against.
  8. Mazda MX-5 Miata: We saved the best for last. The Miata has long been one of the most affordable roadster convertibles available, and you can usually find them for dirt cheap on the used car market. What makes Miatas the best convertible car for drivers is that Miata owners tend to care about their cars more than the average driver and take impeccable care of them.

What Are Your Top Convertibles?

Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite convertibles are. Don’t be afraid to tell us we left one or two off of the list; it wasn’t an easy list to make, and we’re sure some of you have favorites that didn’t quite match up to ours.

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