Who Makes the Best AWD Cars?

Who Makes the Best AWD Cars?

While most drivers think of all-wheel drive as a tool used for off-road adventures, the fact is that it’s pretty versatile in the city as well, especially if you’re in a colder climate where ice and snow can be a serious problem in the winter.

But who makes the best AWD cars? We can’t know which will be the best for you, but we’ve got an overview of some of the more popular brands.

Choosing the Right Brand

These days, almost every automaker has one or two all-wheel drive models available, but which brand should you choose? Here are three of our more popular brands and some of their standout all-wheel drive options:

  • Subaru: With Subaru, we may as well just list the whole lineup. Notorious for giving drivers all-wheel drive whether they want it or not, Subaru was one of the first brands that started treating their AWD cars like normal cars that happened to have great traction and handling. We have them to thank for bucking the trend of the off-road AWD vehicle, and are particularly fond of the Legacy, Impreza, and Impreza WRX.
  • Honda: Honda has a nice selection of all-wheel drive models as well, and while the CR-V, Pilot, and Ridgeline all meet the rugged, work/adventure-ready mentality associated with all-wheel drive vehicles, they also make for excellent city models. And then there’s the Crosstour. It’s one of the most unique family vehicles we’ve ever seen, and the available four-wheel drive system gives it an incredible edge in the winter.
  • Jeep: Despite practically every piece of advertising for vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler showing just how capable it will be when you venture off-road, the fact is that the Jeep brand is still one of the best when it comes to all-wheel drive, whatever your needs. Aside from the Wrangler, the new Renegade and the tried-and-true Cherokee are great choices.

Get the Facts at Simply Automotive

We’re called Simply Automotive because we care about giving you the facts, plain and simple, no bias. Well, no bias aside from promoting some of the best cars for our readers. So, the next time you’re looking for a solid AWD vehicle, look at one of those three brands: Jeep, Honda, or Subaru.

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